Liz Helfer Studios

...every mind has a right to be known by its soundest and maturest expression.
— Lewis Mumford

The Artist

I developed a love for sculpture early on, working with modeling clay and paper. After graduating with my BFA in 2010 from Alfred University, I continued my artistic development through work around the US and Europe. I currently create cast metal and mixed media sculpture at Liz Helfer Studios outside Boston, MA.


Material choice plays a critical role in my sculpture, acting to transform the art object. I have focused on metal since 2009 as an historically complex medium to which we attach enormous value. However, I have been moving away from singular metal choices and I am constantly reevaluating the significance of metal to my practice.

I live close to the natural world and my artwork is directly influenced by the minutia of flora and fauna in my surroundings. I am working to develop strict attention to detail into a more fully realized symbolic language through abstraction and scale shift.

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Everything begins as mysticism and ends as politics.
— Charles Peguy