Liz Helfer Studios

Everything begins as mysticism and ends as politics.
— Charles Peguy

The Artist

Liz Helfer developed a love for sculpture early on, working with modeling clay and paper. Liz graduated with her BFA in 2010 from Alfred University. She has continued her artistic development through work around the US and Europe. She currently creates cast metal and mixed media sculpture in New England and across the country.


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My sculptures tell a story. Sometimes a one-liner, often an unfolding saga. I often use the traditional lost wax process to create cast metal and mixed media sculpture deeply rooted in western folklore and the symbolism found there. Finished work could fit in the palm of your hand or under the open sky. I am interested in narrative and the telephone-like symptoms of sculptural interpretation. Although my sculptures are securely rooted in research and storytelling, that is simply a starting point for a finished object that is beautiful, mysterious, or intriguing. I hope to invite further investigation from viewers who will recognize traditional symbolic elements and their contemporary implications.

...every mind has a right to be known by its soundest and maturest expression.
— Lewis Mumford